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Candace Dare, Candace Mazlin, Candance Dare


Candice was born on February 20th 1990 in Miami, Florida and grew up with both of her parents who are still together.

She was a child who was doing lots of sports such as soccer, basketball and track, but also was in the girl scouts and was a good student.

Candice attended culinary school after high school and had a full-time job at a restaurant.

Parallel to that job she flies to LA to do porn.

She was a sexual person since young age which led her towards doing porn and is four years in the industry (she started in 2012).

Candice worked in a restaurant because she loved cooking since she was little and says that everyone at work and her friends know that she’s in the porn industry.

When she was almost 16 years old, she lost her virginity to her then boyfriend and before she entered the porn world, she was with more than 50 guys (she says 50 to 70 because she has lost count).

Entering the porn world was because she loves attention and because as a college girl she was broke and needed extra money.

She found an ad for an agent on Craig’s List and that is how it started.

Candice wasn’t nervous when she filmed her first scene; she says it was fun actually.

Her favorite position is missionary and laying down doggie.

Neck kissing, neck and shoulder biting and nipple kisses are her thing.

Candice watches some of her scenes but she never gets turned on, she simply watches them to see how she did the scene and if she should improve.

When comes to masturbation, Candice masturbates about four times a day with her favorite Fun Factory vibrator.

Finding a nice boyfriend is hard, says Candice because not a lot of people can accept her profession.

Candice is a super busy girl who works the entire week with no days off.

When she finally catches a break she likes going to the gym or going out dancing.

She leads a healthy life style; she doesn’t drink nor does she do drugs.

When comes to movies she enjoys comedies and chick flicks.

Her favorite TV show is Supernatural.

For the future she hopes to open her own catering business and live a good life.

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