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Catalina Cruz is a celebrity look alike, who got her name just because of her appearance.

If you are familiar with the porn industry from the early 2000s, you might now her as JennaZ, but because of her resemblance with the mega hot Hollywood star, Penelope Cruz, she got the alias of Catalina Cruz.

However, she is the improved version of Penelope, as her boobs are much bigger and delicious.

Despite the fact that she looks a lot like the Spanish diva, this hottie has European origins.

She is part German and part Slovenian, but she was born in Ohio.

Catalina was born on September 14, 1979.

What is awesome about this porn star is that she mostly works for herself, as an independent adult entertainer.

She has her own porn site, where most of her movies can be found and her productions are mostly live shows, which she keeps on doing and recording for later watch for all the members of the Catalina Cruz fan site.

If you are interested in watching live shows with a real starlet, she is the one you need to follow.

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