My Brother’s Girlfriend


Elsa Dream, Elsa Dram Jane


This Barbie/Elsa from Frozen (yes she intentionally took the name Elsa) is perhaps the next big thing.

Elsa Jean belongs to the new generation of porn stars and is only nineteen years old.

She was born in North Canton, Ohio on September 1st, 1996 and attended Hoover High School in North Canton.

Parallel to school she worked in a grocery store as well as in Starbucks.

She was a shy girl and was dating older guys secretly.

Being a smart child, she graduated high school when she was sixteen years old and went straight to college at George Mason University, where she began studying to become a surgical assistant.

But she was attending the college for two years and once she turned 18, she stopped and became a porn star.

She is just one year in the porn industry and already has a growing fan base.

No wonder with her natural body, completely free of plastic surgery and her long icy blond hair and green eyes.

Fans believe that she has one of the cutest and prettiest faces in the industry.

Elsa Jean captures the camera and the heart of the viewer immediately.

The reason why she entered the industry was simple – she was looking for great sex.

Her sex life was pretty miserable and she was constantly watching porn.

It was frustrating her and she was constantly angry so one day she just thought that getting a really good sex (and knowing that she’ll get it for sure) is if you enter the porn industry.

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