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Karlee Grey is a babe of Brazilian descent is a starlet based in Los Angeles.

Born in Florida, she grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, and Portuguese is her first language.

When she is not taking monster dicks in her orifices, she loves to read and attend music festivals, and surprisingly, she is good friends with Diplo, one of the founding members of the internationally acclaimed dancehall groups, Major Lazer.

She is not only hot, but she is sassy and is in love with her tits, despite having an equally bigger ass.

Karlee Grey has always flirted with the thought of becoming a pornstar to whet her sex appeal, and she finally got her big break in 2014 at 20 years old.

She has an insatiable appetite for big dicks, and she claims that size does indeed matter.

Karlee has achieved great fetes, and in less than five years in the business, she already has a sizeable porn library.

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