50 VIDEOS (LATEST UPDATE 30/03/2019)




Born in Richmond, Virginia, Bailey Jay Granger is one of the most charismatic TS performers in the adult industry.

Although her hair colour and aliases have changed throughout the years, this beautiful and witty transsexual goddess has never lost her natural charisma, cinematic talents or dedicated fan following.

Bailey Jay has always been a confident woman; cross-dressing from an early age and starting her transition process when she was 15 years old.

Bailey’s captivating looks, innate confidence and alluring personality first emerged in 2007, when fans first caught a glimpse of Bailey Jay via a video taken at an Otakon waiting line for a panel for the image board, 4chan.

This video captured what looked like a girl flashing her breasts at onlookers shouting “Trap!”.

When a member of security walked over to her in an attempt to make her stop, Bailey responded that she was actually a boy; “It’s okay, I’m a boy… Srsly!”.

Due to the fact that Bailey never gave a definitive declaration of her actual gender, the video went viral amongst the 4chan community.

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