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“Well here goes – I keep getting asked, so I’ll have a go and do a little bio. It’s a funny thing. I’m quite happy strutting my stuff and being as badly behaved as I can on photoshoots, film, TV and the web – but actually giving you a bit of background as to what makes me tick…now thats a different question – where do I start? I’ll just have to dive straight in, but drop me a line if there’s something I’ve touched on that you’d like to know more about. I could write a book on my shoes alone so you have been warned!

I was born in the East End, which makes me a genuine Cockney – though I hate the rather hackneyed old cliches about Londoners – I like to think I’m very much the 21st century cosmopolitan girl! Below is one of my earliest fetishy pics. Don’t I look sweet and innocent – not! Now you don’t see anything like that in ‘Eastenders’… lol

I grew up in London and developed what I guess is a rather eclectic taste in music. It’s generally very rock/pop based from early rock and roll, to The Beatles, The Kinks etc. with a fair bit of Motown and Ska thrown in … not forgetting Punk of course! This was largely influenced by one of my Uncles who used to take me on tours of leading art galleries and museums in London when I was younger. I think he rather enjoyed having his own little ‘pre raphaelite’ to show off!”

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