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Hands down and without debate, Leanne Crow has one of the biggest set of knockers you will ever see with each easily being the size of a typical person head.

Leanne Crow is one of those women that every man and their father jerks off to in their wildest fantasy.

Quite fitting that despite her large male fanbase she is a lesbian.

Now let get the biggest question that you might have out of the way first.

Are her breast real? They are a hundred percent real.

Her girls have been growing since she was fifteen and just never stopped.

It does not help that she puts on a little bit of weight that seems to all go to her tits.

One of the first flicks that she was ever in was produced by Score in 2011 that went by the name of Leanne’s Stacked Summer.

Her latest film was last year and disturbed with the help of DDF that went underneath the name of Boobs Exposed.

If I had to bet on rather or not Leanne will release any new content, then I would put all of my money on not.

The bulk of her work must come from photo shoots anyways.

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